Drainage Issues?

Do you have Drainage Issues?

All this rain we have received in the past couple of weeks has me thinking: What do you do … What do you do if have standing water in your yard after a rain event?  Or worse, right next to the foundation of your home?  What do you do if you have water running into a window well?  What do you do if your sump pump is dumping right next to your home?  I know, personally, have dealt with these exact same questions at my house and my parents house growing up in McHenry County.  NLD-Nierman Landscape and Design deals with these exact questions, and more, all the time.  Sometimes, these questions are asked a little too late, but we develop a solution to try and prevent it from happening again.  In the last 2 weeks or so, I have recorded over 4.5 inches of rain at my house in central McHenry County.

If at all possible, a drainage swale or correcting of pitch (or grading) is going to be your best option.  Why is that you may ask:  If you can see it, you know it works.  Even if your grade changes are minimal, a swale will still be the best option.  You need at least a 2% pitch (ideally) to move water in green spaces (1% in hardscapes).  Obviously, the more pitch you have, the better off you are to move that water.   Of course you can always use catch basins, piping, pop-ups, etc.  It is a matter of what best fits your needs and your circumstances.  A good landscaper will be able to help guide you to your best case scenario.drainage_systems-1024x664

In a typical drainage system, NLD will use PVC pipes, and not corrugated.  Reason being is PVC is more rigid, so the line will have the proper pitch.  It will also hold up better to compression over time.  If debris gets into the system, it is easier to clean out as well.   Again, every system is different, every scenario is different.

Weather (yes I did that on purpose) you are looking at trying to keep water from entering your house, or trying to keep it away, NLD- Nierman Landscape and Design has the know-how and the tools to fix the water issues you may (or will have).  With almost 100 years of combined experience, we have seen pretty much every problem imaginable, and we have been able to develop solutions.  Whether you live in Walworth, McHenry, or Lake County, we work to come up with the most cost effective solution that will work, and work correctly for a long time.

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