Plant Healthcare (IPM’s)


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin

Nierman Landscape & Design employs a variety of different methods to help control animals, insects and disease.  Proper identification and the correct timing will not only save your money, but hassel as well.


Integrated Pest Management is a method of planting, not over planting and/or rotating plants to help reduce insect damage to your plants.


    • Planting trees that are not as common in the landscape
  • Planting different Annual Flower species from year to year

Planting Methods

For clients who have a large deer population or a large rabbit population, picking plants that are not favored by these animals will greatly reduce your chance of the animals enjoying a feast at your expense.


Fertilizing will help deliver needed nutrients that maybe lacking from your soil.  NLD offers both standard and organic fertilizer options.

Organic Methods

In recent years, NLD has increased our used of organic control methods for clients worried about spraying chemicals.  We are always looking for and finding new and exciting organic options that will help keep you property looking its best.

Direct Injection

The Emerald Ash Borer is killing off all the Native Ash Trees, here in North America.  One way to help combat this unwelcomed guest (while protecting surrounding plants and beneficial insects) is with Direct Injection.  Because the chemical is injected directly into the tree, there is very little cross contamination.  There is a great survival rate using this method.  It can also be used for injecting fertilizer and fungicides.