Prairie Restoration


Over the past 150 years or so the Illinois prairie has almost disappeared. There is less than than 1% of the original Illinois Prairie is left. Restoring the Illinois Prairie and Wetlands helps with storm water control, erosion control, clean water and bio-diversity. And that is just the start. These reasons, along with many others, is why restoring prairies and wetlands are so important.
The restoration process is slow, but extremely rewarding; take several years to re-establish any type of prairie.  The seeding (starting new or over seeding) is best done in April/beginning of May, or in November (for seeding).  It typically takes about 5 years for a prairie restoration to fully take hold.  During that time the non-native and aggressive plants do everything they can to take over. After the initial planting, management practices will need to be implemented. Everything from spraying aggressive and non-native plants to burning the prairie to keep it in good health.

Nierman Landscape and Design works with many different types of prairie conditions and we will work hard to create and maintain your prairie at its peak.