Warmer Days Colder Nights

Warmer days are coming!

Downspout with Air Gap

Warm days and cold nights are here … couple that with rain and these weather changes can spell disaster for your house.   The ground and drain pipes could still be frozen!  You need to have an air gap in the 

Sump Pump with Air Gap

downspout lines and especially for your sump pump line.  If the sump pump does not have an air gap, the sump pump could back up and flood your basement.  The air gap is not the prettiest thing to look at.  I know that, however it will  allow for the water to be outside of your house.  The area could become very muddy and messy, but that is better than having a lot of water in your basement.

If your sump pump or down spouts do not have an air gap, it is an easy thing to take care of and will be a fairly inexpensive fix given the damages that could happen.  NLD can help you with that repair.  Click here to contact us for more information on how we can help.